Ciarán Ferrie - Architect on shaping a living city.


Fundamentally we want Dublin to be a liveable city. You want it to be a city that people want to live in.

Ciarán Ferrie

Architect and cyclist activist Ciarán Ferrie says a living city is one that's designed for both children and the elderly, for families and young people, not just for transient populations or tourists to visit.

"Fundamentally we want Dublin to be a liveable city. You want it to be a city that people want to live in. And people of all ages and particularly that it would be a place where young families would be would feel comfortable living in so making making Dublin a city where you know you a seven year old can cycle on the streets. If we can focus on getting the city working in that way and it means reducing the amount of cars in the city and that means improving public transport. But most of all it means making the place more comfortable for people to walk and to cycle. And for people of all ages to walk and cycle around the city"

Ferrie is an architect and one of the co-founders of Fumbally Exchange, the creative co-working community in the Newmarket district in Dublin City. He is also one of the forces behind Ava Housing, formerly the Abhaile Project, a not for profit scheme for older homeowners in residential zones to reshape their home for multi-family units, keeping the elderly in the community and also opening up new rental capacity. Ferrie wears many hats and he is also a passionate advocate for a cycling city and part of I BIKE Dublin, a community of people who cycle and want a safer cycling city for all.

For this episode of This is Where We Live Helen Shaw met up with Ciarán at his open plan offices in Fumbally Exchange near lots of new developments like Teeling Whiskey, overlooking the new hotels and student accommodation in the area - but not much new housing.

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