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Detail of Mrs Dowling's Flat, an installation showing 1960s Tenement Living, in 14 Henrietta Street. Image by Marc O'Sullivan. Image 2.jpg.jpg

14 Henrietta Street

Set in a Georgian townhouse, 14 Henrietta Street is a museum that tells the story of the building’s shifting fortunes, from family home and powerbase to courthouse; from barracks to its final incarnation as a tenement house.

Listen to our podcast with curator and architectural historian Dr Ellen Rowley.

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Herbert Simms City

This short film by Paddy Cahill observes some of Simms designs, while we hear Nell Regan’s poem inspired by him, and Irene Buckley’s original musical composition.
'Owning The Sky or The Flats that Simms Built' by Nell Regan was commissioned by Simms120. Original Music Composition by Irene Buckley


Jeanette Lowe Photography: Pearse House

Photographer Jeanette Lowe captures what she calls 'invisible' communities in the heart of Dublin's social housing; like the Herbert Simms designed flat complex Pearse House off Pearse Street, where her mother was reared.

Listen to our podcast with Jeanette taking us on a walk through Pearse House


PUSH (2019) Official Trailer

Housing is a fundamental human right, a precondition to a safe and healthy life. UN Special Rapporteur for Housing Leilani Farha’s movement The Shift demands a different paradigm: those who are homeless and inadequately housed must be treated as rights claimants and key actors must implement the right to adequate housing in a new urban rights agenda.

PUSH is a new documentary from award-winning director Fredrik Gertten, investigating why we can’t afford to live in our own cities anymore.

HOME - documentary by Gansee Films

Home is a documentary short telling the story of people who have come from homelessness and are now, with the help of the Peter McVerry trust, getting the homes they need. We see interviews with those people involved, hear their stories and find out what it means to have a home. Produced by Gansee Films. (2015)

Moving On

The movie tells the story of two young homeless people who are rehomed in a Peter McVerry Trust project in Dublin 8 in a former derelict Dublin city council building. The project is funded by global building material company Saint Gobain. This movie shows the true nature of homelessness in Ireland today. (2015)

RTÉ Archives - House and Home

From the chronic housing shortages of the 1960s to the boom and bust years of the early 21st century, the RTÉ Archives show how in less than 50 years, Ireland went from a critical housing deficit with often appalling living conditions to a property glut resulting in ghost estates across the country.

Take a look also at some Irish housing of the past, from medieval Dublin to Georgian homes in various states of neglect and preservation, and see the traditional use of stone in construction.


Ellen Rowley is an Architectural Historian who lives with her family in Ballybough, Dublin.
Ellen takes the viewer on a cycling tour around parts of Dublin that often goes ignored, the architecture of the 20th Century and her special interest the social housing schemes by the former prolific city architect Herbert Simms. (2012)

Credit: Paddy Cahill & Michael Ryan

Irish Times video by Enda O'Dowd on architect Herbert Simms and his social housing complexes in the city

Two Dublin flat complexes, designed by renowned architect Herbert Simms, face demolition following a decision to initiate their removal from the Record of Protected Structures (RPS).

The council’s housing committee has voted to start the process of “delisting” Pearse House and Markievicz House so that the dilapidated flats can be demolished and replaced with “decent modern accommodation”.

Residents of the two complexes on Townsend Street in the south-east inner-city have long campaigned for the redevelopment of their blocks and recently protested outside the council’s officers over a rat infestation.

Credit: Enda O'Dowd, The Irish Times

Inside 14 Henrietta Street, Dublin's newest museum

14 Henrietta Street – Georgian townhouse to tenement dwelling

Set in a Georgian townhouse, 14 Henrietta Street tells the story of the building’s shifting fortunes, from family home and powerbase to courthouse; from barracks to its final incarnation as a tenement hall.

The stories of the house and street mirror the story of Dublin and her citizens.

video credit: Donal Corkery, The Irish Independent; article by Pól Ó Conghaile