Dr Joe Brady - How could we build Marino in 1920s Dublin and not today

Dr Joe Brady is an urban geographer at UCD with a passion for cities, particularly hometown Dublin City, and he is an expert in the history of housing in Dublin. Producer Helen Shaw took Joe back to Marino, not far from where he grew up, and where her grandparents moved, from the Dublin tenements in 1932. How could Dublin City Council build a mini garden city of social housing in the 20s and 30s and why is Dublin struggling to meet its housing challenge today? 

Joe's interest in Dublin has led him, in collaboration with his former colleague Anngret Simms, to publish a series of books entitled The Making of Dublin City. The intention is to study the development of the city form the earliest times to the present day form a geographical perspective. Teaching is an important part of his academic profile and his intention is to develop the resources available to students via the web. Currently these are concentrated on his first and third year urban geography courses but this will be expanded in due course.

A member of the Geographical Society of Ireland since 1975, he has been a committee member since 1978, serving in a variety of posts. He is currently editor of the peer-reviewed and internationally recognised journal, Irish Geography , the only journal to focus exclusively on the geography of Ireland. Joe is also deeply involved in the activities of the university.

He is a member of the Academic Council and serves on the Governing Authority of University and a wide variety of other bodies and committees. He is a member of the Scientific Council of Urban Institute Ireland , an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research institute recently established in the University.

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