Philip Lawton on Why Cities Need Connected Thinking And Planning To Work

“There is a resistance to develop large scale social housing but there’s no resistance in terms of allowing these private developments to be only private housing - so that, for me, is quite problematic.”

Dr Philip Lawton is Assistant Professor of Geography at Trinity College Dublin and someone with a keen interest in shaping sustainable cities and towns. His work has explored the impact of gentrification, the tension between commerce and citizens and the developing model of new urban towns like Adamstown, home to 25,000 people in west Dublin.

Helen Shaw catches up with Philip for This is Where We Live to chat about cities at the junction where Pearse Street meets Trinity College Dublin and they wandered through a campus which dates back over 400 years but which, like Dublin itself, is constantly reinventing itself.

You can find out more about Philip Lawton's research work at:
Uneven development, suburban futures and the urban region: The case of an Irish ‘sustainable new town’:…69776417694679

The Repackaging of Dublin: The Relevance of the ‘Urban Growth Machine’?…wth_Machine%27

And you can find him on twitter @PhilLawton

John Howard