Karin Ramser Director of Vienna's Community Housing

Karin Ramser, Director of the City of Vienna’s Community Housing (Wiener Wohnen) talks about Vienna's history of social and public housing (Gemeindebau) and how it's seen as a social good, and an integral part of the city's approach to creating a just, equitable and peaceful community

Karin's office looks after 220,000 flats, over half a million people, in the city and she explains why, for nearly 100 years now, public housing is so important to Vienna City. Vienna is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and is heading back to 2 million people in a few years time. Helen Shaw talked to Karin during the recent Housing for All conference in Vienna on social and affordable housing in Europe when Vienna hosted over 300 people from 39 countries and showcased its social housing philosophy. 

Karin explains that in Vienna someone's address can not tell you how much they earn or what social class they are. ‘We don’t have areas in Vienna where, as a woman, you are afraid to go when it’s dark.’

John Howard