Dr Dáithí Downey - Head of Housing Policy, Research & Development. Dublin City Council

Dr Dáithí Downey is a Dubliner with a mission - He is head of housing policy, research and development with Dublin City Council and he's leading the new Housing Observatory for Dublin - a research and planning initiative under Dublin City Council that aims to make Dublin an affordable and sustainable place to live in.

 Dáithí has over 25 years experience in housing and homelessness policy and action and the Housing Observatory is collaborating with Maynooth University and the Ordnance Survey to ensure we adopt a more scientific and informed approach to planning.

Helen Shaw met with Dáithí Downey at his home in Rialto to discuss his perception of Dublin's housing today, the mission for the Housing Observatory and how the 'cost rental' model can help provide affordable housing in Ireland.

Dáithí Downey - Irish Times profile "Cost of housing is pushing people towards ‘pauperisation’" www.irishtimes.com/news/environmen…ation-1.3809688

In April 2019, Dr Downey, along with Dublin City Council, hosted an exhibition and series of seminars around the Vienna Housing Model and its lessons for Dublin - www.housingmodeldublin.ie/

Dublin Housing Observatory Mapping Viewer airomaps.geohive.ie/dho/

Check out the Housing Model Dublin website - an initiative from the Dublin Housing Observatory


You can also hear Dr Daithi Downey interview and Austria-based architect Mark Gilbert on Morning Ireland give date as part of the recent Vienna Housing Model exhibition and seminars hosted by Dublin City Council - Morning-ireland – In-the-midst-of-a-homelessness-crisis-should-we-be-heeding-example-from-a-viennese-housing-policy

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