Eoin Carroll Housing Researcher on the Right to Housing

“homelessness is your niece and nephew not being able to get out of their patents’ home, homelessness is somebody being turfed out of their HAP accommodation because the landlord wants to redecorate - that’s homelessness.”

Eoin Carroll is a housing researcher with 13 years experience working with the Jesuit Centre for Faith & Justice in Dublin's city centre. Eoin has just moved to a new role as Policy and Public Affairs Officer with EXTERN, an NGO working with marginalised people including the homeless. Helen Shaw met Eoin for the podcast in Mountjoy Square, in the heart of northside city Dublin, just before his move to the new job to talk about Eoin's work and his take on the need for a formal right to housing and shelter and how he sees Government policy shaping the housing environment we have in Ireland.

John Howard